We use sales and marketing expertise to give you the edge

Through social media partnerships and coordinated sales partnerships, we will place your team and your fundraiser in the spotlight in your community. Our goal is to increase awareness in the community for the success of your team through fundraising and have that success translate to support for your team on the field. By promoting your team and your goals you will have even greater success in your fundraising.

We pride ourselves on building products for your team that members of your community will look forward to purchasing year after year. We partner with the highest quality local and national chain restaurants and entertainment businesses to bring you great “buy one get one free” and other high-value discounts. These great deals are available in the form of paper coupons, plastic cards, key-tags and digitally on your personalized team mobile app.

The success of your program is the # 1 driving force in everything that we do. First, we seek to gain a good understanding of your goals, team dynamics and time tables. We then will organize a plan with you to insure that you achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible. As we begin the fundraiser we will help organize and train your team members to achieve maximum success in all their fundraising efforts. As part of the plan, we will do the following:

1. Build promotional videos promoting your program and your fundraiser

2. Provide and execute a plan for utilizing social media and coordinated efforts with local businesses to maximize coverage and to improve efficiency in fundraising time management.

3. Contact local businesses to enlist support of your fundraiser through providing opportunities to their employees to receive the high-value offerings available through your product offering.

You will reap the benefits of all our sales and marketing efforts as you receive 70% to 80% of all fundraising revenues collected. Your success is our success and our passion. We promise to earn the opportunity to be your fundraising partners. We look forward to helping you build your most successful fundraiser ever!

Your school, your community and your team are all unique. Your needs and your goals are also unique. We listen to you and then help organize a plan and a product offering that will achieve the highest level of success in fundraising and community involvement. We give you the opportunity to choose the local business offerings to place on your team products. Offerings that are not chosen for your products will still be available to your fundraising supporters on your customized mobile app.

Because your time is valuable and your focus is on your team and your season, we take the responsibility for organizing and managing the fundraiser. We will develop a plan that will work best for your team. With your approval we will then ensure that the fundraiser is run quickly and efficiently. But we don’t stop there. We will continually add value to your community support group through developing offers in your personalized mobile app offering. Your community will love what you offer them. We will leverage their love of your products to gain immediate repeat sales as you start your fundraiser each year.

No more relying on door-to-door contacting as the main avenue to reaching your fundraising goals. We live in a new age and your fundraising should be on the cutting edge. Powerhouse has a team of seasoned sales reps and marketing professionals that will help you take your fundraising to the next level. We utilize videos, social media and coordinated, community-partnered marketing to help improve and expand sales opportunities. We get involved in creating sales opportunities for your team and help you to build your team image and awareness in the community.